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Cava Real Provisión is born!

Updated: May 9

So far, consumers have only known Real Provisión as a red wine brand, originating from Southern Extremadura in a town called Los Santos de Maimona.

But here's some exciting news for you: the brand has expanded its offerings and now you can enjoy sparkling D.O. Cava Real Provisión, including Brut and Brut Nature.

This new product line is crafted in Almendralejo, the sole town in Extremadura permitted to produce D.O. Cava wines.

The name Real Provisión has historical roots connected to Spanish royalty.

Until the 18th century, farmers and vineyard owners in Southern Extremadura enjoyed an exemption from paying harvest tithes to the Crown. King Charles III revoked this privilege, redirecting the tax revenue to construct new monasteries and churches in the region.

The cava's label draws inspiration from the original document of that era. With a clean and elegant design, it incorporates subtle gold elements.

As for the cava itself, it's a delightful blend of Macabeo and Parellada grapes, crafted using the traditional method. After spending nine months in the bottle, it's disgorged and ready for market, boasting refreshing bubbles, crisp acidity, and a lingering, pleasant finish.

If you're a wine importer interested in learning more, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Send your inquiries to, and we'll gladly assist you further.

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