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Cava Real Provisión

Up to now, consumers have known the brand Real Provisión as a red wine brand only. It was produced in Southern Extremadura, in a town called Los Santos de Maimona.

Well, we have good news for you: the brand has expanded and now you can find both still wines and sparkling D.O. Cava Real Provisión Brut and Brut Nature.

The new product is made in Almendralejo (the only town in Extremadura allowed to produce D.O. Cava wines).

The story behind the name Real Provisión is related to the history of Spanish kings.

Until the 18th century, farmers and vinegrowers living in Southern Extremadura enjoyed a privilege not to pay the tithe of the harvest to the Crown.

The King Charles III abolished this privilege, and the collection of this new tax was allocated towards the building of new monasteries and churches in the area.

The label of this cava is inspired in the original document issued at that period. The label has a clean and elegant, classic style design including a few gold elements.

A refreshing cava for all tastes

This cava is made with Macabeo and Parellada grapes, using the traditional method. The wine spends 9 months in the bottle before being disgorged and released to the market. The result is a refreshing cava with fine bubbles, crisp acidity and a long and pleasant aftertaste.

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