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Building new bridges between the West and the East.

The Portuguese sailors travelled to Japan and Korea 5 centuries ago, followed by the Spanish. They built the first bridges between two totally different cultures, the West and the East.


However, in our current global economy, many factors make it difficult to access these two markets, starting from the distance, the language, the cultural differences...


After taking part at the Executive Training Programme (sponsored by the European Commission) for a period of one year in Waseda University (Tokyo), followed by two years working in a Japanese wine import company, I have acquired the knowledge and the skills to approach these markets.


Now, Peninsula can make things easier for the Spanish and Portuguese producers who wish to enter these complicated and often impenetrable marketplaces.  


Having worked with Spanish and Portuguese wines since 1998 and being an advanced expert certified by the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (London), I also have a deep knowledge of the wines of the Iberian Peninsula.


If you are an importer from Japan or Korea, Peninsula will guide you through the complex and sometimes confusing world of Spanish and Portuguese wines.


In the 21st century we want to continue building new bridges between the West and the East!

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