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Building new bridges between the West and the East

Portuguese sailors pioneered routes to Japan and Korea five centuries ago, followed by the Spanish, bridging the gap between Western and Eastern cultures.


However, accessing these markets today presents challenges due to factors such as distance, language, and cultural disparities.

Having completed the Executive Training Programme sponsored by the European Commission at Waseda University in Tokyo for one year, followed by two years at a Japanese wine import company, I've gained the expertise to navigate these markets effectively.

With over two decades of experience in the wine industry and WSET certification, I possess profound knowledge of the wines of the Iberian Peninsula.

Peninsula simplifies market entry for Spanish and Portuguese producers seeking to overcome the complexities of these markets.

As an importer from Japan or Korea, Peninsula offers guidance through the intricate world of Spanish and Portuguese wines.


In the 21st century, our goal is to forge new connections between the West and the East.

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